Green Tree Dental, located in Chicago, offers thorough dental exams and cleanings to keep you smiling brightly and healthily. Visiting our dental office every six months is important to maintaining good oral health and treating problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will show you the proper ways to take care of your teeth at home. But at-home care is rarely sufficient to keep your mouth and yourself healthy. Call our Chicago office to learn more about dental exams and cleanings and to make an appointment at Green Tree Dental.

Our dental staff recommends that you visit our office twice a year or more if you have a history of dental problems. Routine visits are vital for preventing oral health issues before they occur or progress. Our dental team uses x-rays to help make sure your smile is healthy. They are helpful in checking areas of the teeth that cannot be seen visually and showing how far cavities and gingivitis have progressed. However, not all dental exams necessitate the use of x-rays.

Dental exams and cleanings are preventative treatments and are, therefore, important to your overall health. At every check-up with your dentist, we provide comprehensive teeth cleaning and exam to make sure that your mouth is staying healthy. The goal is to prevent tooth decay or gum disease. If you already have these problems, then our goal is to stop the spread of decay or infection before it becomes harder to treat and more expensive for you. At a regular check-up, our dental team will clean your teeth by removing plaque, which causes cavities and gum (periodontal) diseases. Our practice offers dental scaling for patients who have more intense plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth. We will floss and check in-between teeth to make sure there are no stow-away plaque build-ups in your mouth. Fluoride treatments will be applied to your mouth to fortify your teeth and further prevent cavities from forming.

If our dentists find any dental problems, we will provide an explanation of the problem and review treatment steps with you. Looking for an affordable dentist near you? To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call Green Tree Dental today.

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