Many dentists choose to use laughing gas sedation when it comes to helping their patients feel comfortable and pain-free during the process of their treatment. This is also true at Green Tree Dental in Chicago, Illinois. Laughing gas is easy to take and not at all harmful.

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is a gas that is either odorless or sweet-smelling and has no color. It has been used in dental practices since the mid-1800s as an anesthetic, so it is nothing new. Laughing gas is the preferred method used to manage pain effectively. It is also used to help those who may have anxiety when it comes to their dental treatment or care, even if the pain isn’t expected.

This does not put a patient to sleep in any capacity. In fact, the goal is to keep you awake while reducing anxiety or feeling. This way, you can still follow the instructions of your dentist as the procedure goes forward.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Since laughing gas is a sedative, it needs to be delivered to you safely in small amounts. There are machines that can help regulate the distribution. That’s why at Green Tree Dental, we use a laughing gas sedation system to help regulate what is given to you.

There is a small mask that we fit over your nose to distribute the sedative to you safely and efficiently. The system allows you to dictate the amount of laughing gas, and at the speed that it is delivered to the patient. We use laughing gas systems for kids who have anxiety and fear of dental procedures so that their dental appointments are fun, fast, and painless.

At Green Tree Dental, our laughing gas sedation systems are always up-to-date and thoroughly serviced so that you are given the best care possible from our affordable dentist near you. Contact us today for any of your questions you may have regarding this service.

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