Reap the Rewards of Professional Tooth Whitening in Chicago

As a premier general and cosmetic dentist in Chicago, Green Tree Dental has helped countless patients enjoy the amazing benefits from a Zoom whitening appointment. And we’d love to help you receive the same rewards!

Why Professional Tooth Whitening is More Beneficial Than Over-the-Counter Treatment

It’s easy to be inundated with tooth whitening and bleaching products when you visit the store or look on line for smile makeovers quick-fixes. But the problem with an over-the-counter tooth whitening product – whether it’s a gel, a paste, or a wearable tray – is that the results will always take longer than what a Zoom whitening from Green Tree Dental provides.

Want to See Up to Three Shades Brighter After One Appointment at Greentree Dental?

No, we’re not teasing you. Our patients often see an improvement of up to three shades in brightness and whiteness after a single appointment. Results like that can take several months – if at all – to achieve with over-the-counter whitening and bleaching products. So, when you factor in the cost of re-purchasing store-bought products over and over again versus the one-and-done treatment that professional whitening provides, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a definite time saver.

Here’s Another Thought

Also, if you’re taking the time factor into consideration, we’re sure that you’ll also agree that a quick one-hour appointment is far preferred to being stuck at home wondering when the store-bought products that you purchased will finally start to work!

Professional Treatment Equals Safer Results

One final comment about over-the-counter whitening opposed to dental whitening from a Chicago dentist is that without professional evaluation of the enamel of your teeth prior to any treatment could result in damage. And when this happens, it opens a whole new set of problems such as increased dental sensitivity.

No More Excuses for a Lackluster Smile

Many people believe they cannot take time out of their busy days to visit a Chicago dentist near them. But with late afternoon (also known as after-work) appointment times, and convenient Saturday appointments also available, there really is no reason to not visit our dental care team for a quick and pain-free tooth whitening treatment. We look forward to meeting you after you make an easy online appointment right now with an affordable dentist near you. Or simply call our office to set up a time that works best for you!

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